Procrastination Turned To Pie

  1. I can’t do it. – Reverse That Thought.  Think: How CAN I? (Could I use help, will someone guide me, or can I find a way to conquer this alone?)
  2. I don’t know – Reverse that ThoughtHow can I find a way? (Do I ask or can I find out myself?  AM I DISCOURAGED?)
  3. I haven’t got enough in me – Reverse That Thought: How can I get enough? (Do I work for it, can I ask for it or can I trade for it?)
  4. It’s too difficult – Reverse That Habit of Mind: How can I make it easier? Can I batch projects together?  Can I break this down into simple steps that I can handle? Should I ask someone for support?  Can I do this alone?  VISUALIZE what you can do next.  Write it down! *At this point do not think about what things cost or how many times you “should be” at the gym…Stand in silence.
  5. I feel Frustrated. – Reverse That Feeling: What will help me to change that without causing another person to be upset? (Will I face the person in a calm and rational way? What is my role?  Do I mediate?  Can I learn to realize that no one can make me feel anything without my consent? Am I able to control my feelings and choose the way I approach a situation? Am I able to let go and let my Higher power in?  Do I have a higher power?

I believe energy flows where attention goes.  When we allow ourselves to negate our thoughts, it becomes a dis-ease and a stress that your body does not wish to welcome.  It is a disservice to allow YOUR body, mind, and soul (your temple) the pain of panic.  I challenge you to put your despair on the shelf and allow yourself to care and massage the miracle of liberation into your heart.


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